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Club Tattoo is the leader in the Tattoo Industry for our innovation, artistic integrity and safety. It is easy to see why we stand out from the rest of the industry; from our beautiful studios, our patented Interactive Tattoo Touchscreens, and of course our World Class Tattoo Artists!

Tattoo consultation at Club Tattoo Las Vegas in Miracle Mile

A High-End Experience

We are famous for a reason...

Professional Staff

Our Team works diligently with every client to provide the best experience.

Sanitary Studios

Sanitization is our #1 priority. We maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.

World Class Artists

Our award winning artists have travelled from all over the world to provide the best ink.

Artistic Collaboration

We want to work with you and expand on your ideas! Our artists will gladly help draw or sketch out your ideas.

Digital Portfolios

Interactive Tattoo allows you to scroll through portfolios at the touch of a button. Flip books are a thing of the past.

Client Safety

Your safety comes first. That is why our team is equipped with the necessary supplies to ensure proper and safe services.


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World Class Artists

Club Tattoo artist's come from all over the world to provide a high end tattoo experience. With years of tattooing, we are sure you will find something that you like! Take a look at their portfolio below

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