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Sean and Thora Dowdell, along with their partner Chester Bennington, created Club Tattoo in 1995, taking the tattoo and piercing industry to new heights.  Along the way they succeeded in developing a refreshingly elevated experience that serves the tattoo and piercing lifestyle on more professional and fashion forward level, creating a loyal brand following that continues to grow on a global basis today. 

A part of what makes Club Tattoo’s clean and sexy concept so successful is the use of patented Interactive Tattoo™ touch screens that empower visitors to create their own tattoo design.  Club Tattoo also owns a patent in body jewelry design and their studios continue to offer the most advanced techniques and services available in the space today. 

With locations 6 locations across Nevada and Arizona, Club Tattoo is the leader in elite level tattoo and piercing services for the today’s mainstream body art lifestyle.