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Sean Dowdell

Locations: Las Vegas, Tempe
Profession: Body Piercer

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My name is Sean Dowdell, I am the co-owner & founder of Club Tattoo. I have been piercing since 1995. Originally taught by Derek Vosten but advanced my learning, techniques, & jewelry fabrication/design over many years of interaction with other piercers around the country. I have always respected others in this industry like Jim Ward, Elayne Angel, Steve Joyner and of course Fakir.

My piercing work has been in over 40 magazines around the world and I am respected by many in the industry as being at the forefront, being among the best, and pushing things in a creative and progressive fashion. Piercers such as Steve Haworth, Jim Ward, Erick Dakota, are all influences in my thought processes and techniques as well. I do consider most of the techniques my own although they have roots in other piercers methods and have been modified to fit my needs.

I have designed and manufactured body jewelry and studied different materials and their properties. I have designed tools and body jewelry for over 15 years and currently hold 2 patents for jewelry design and innovation and software development. I have taught piercing seminars around the United States and Europe and made 3 different piercing instructional technique DVD’S that are currently on the market being sold to professional body piercers around the world.

I still continue to learn from just about every piercer that I meet and enjoy many aspects of piercing including, jewelry design/manufacturing, tool designing, and teaching. I am proud to be a Neilmed Piercing Pro Team member as well as a member and instructor of the APP (Association of Professional Piercers).

I strive to always learn and try to get better. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at sean@clubtattoo.com