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Lani Soliel

Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Body Piercer

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I began my piercing career in El Paso, Texas in the summer of 2009.  By early 2011 some colleagues and I opened a studio of our own where I offered my services using only the highest quality materials available.  This venture gave me a greater appreciating for body piercing, jewelry, and what it means to own and operate a business.

I enjoy the experiences I share with every client who allows me to pierce them, no matter how simple or intricate the piercing might be.  I love working with each person’s anatomy and finding the perfect piece of jewelry that will aesthetically enhance those features.

I am constantly seeking and learning new information through my colleagues in the industry.  I also attend the Association of Professional Piercer’s (APP) annual conference to further my education.

When I’m not piercing I enjoy spending quality time with my family.  I love pole fitness, and stuffing my face with all the pies!