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Emily Woods

Location: Tempe
Profession: Piercer

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My name is Emily Woods, I am from the suburbs of Chicago. I have been piercing since October of 2009. I have worked in several studios in both Illinois, Indiana and now Arizona. I am passionate about my craft and have a deep love for the piercing industry as a whole.

I make it a point to continue my education by attending the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference, shadowing other pierces, doing guest spots at other studios and keeping in contact with other piercers via text, social media and email. I never want to stop learning and progressing in my career.

My ultimate goal as a body pierce is to  make a name for myself in a sterile, safe, professional environment and continue to learn and perfect my work while meeting new and talented people. Outside of work I am an outgoing fun and friendly individual who enjoys outdoor activities of all kinds, I love cats, crocheting, gardening and cooking. I am a HUGE Science Fiction nerd and I love reading books.