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Xavier Price

Location: Tempe
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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      Xavier has been artistically inclined from a young age.  He was encouraged by his parents who were also practitioners of the arts. In high school Xavier became heavily influenced by graffiti and tattooing culture and utilized them to create tattoo designs for his classmates. He spent two years preparing an art portfolio in hopes of earning an apprenticeship. In 2010 Xavier got his first apprenticeship from Desmond “SMOKE” Chambliss at Smoke N’ Ink Tattoos In Oak Park, Illinois. He spent the next year in an informal apprenticeship where he learned the fundamentals of tattooing from Desmond, Anthony “2TONE” Rivera, and Neil “GREY” Carter. He spent the next two years working as a professional tattoo artist for Smoke N’ Ink tattoos.
     He has worked at Ill State Ink in the Urban Logan square neighborhood In Chicago, Illinois from 2013-2014
He is influenced by many different styles of tattooing including black and grey realism, color realism, traditional, neo traditional, and new skool. He strives to fabricate his own style through the amalgamation of his tattooing influences.
He Recently relocated from his hometown of Chicago, Illinois to Tempe, Arizona to be apart of the world famous Club Tattoo. You can find him there Tattooing, drawing, and painting.
Artist statement:
I endeavor to create images that inspire humanity to challenge their perception of mundane reality, and see different perspectives of life. My work mirrors a ceaseless investigation into the subversion of life through everyday objects, animals, stories, myths, idioms, fables, and religion. My work is inspired by surrealism, realism, and animation.  I have many goals as an artist. It is a personal desire for my art to be a direct reflection of my sentiments and definitive beliefs. It is my mission to stimulate the viewer’s critical thought process, and create internal intellectual queries concerning their own beliefs and ideas. My future direction is to create and innovate work that is able to stand apart from the multitudes of other artists.