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Location: Harley Davidson of Scottsdale
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Josue Alvarez: black and grey, realism specialist is originally of California.
His passion for art became evident while doodling on his homework  in highschool.
He started out drawing portraits of anime characters and professional athletes he admired as well as friends and family.

    Given his first tattoo machine for a birthday gift, he fell in love. After moving to the ever bustling city of las vegas , He completed his apprenticeship at a local shop and gained the experience and drive he needed to be the artist you see today.

Sway is a the definition of a true artist: quoting Leonardo Davinci “art is never finished, only abandoned.” –

My name is Josue Alvarez but everyone knows me as SWAY . I have been tattooing professionally since 2012 and have been drawing since I was in diapers. I specializes in black and grey portraits, and black and grey realism. I was born in Mexico, I speak fluent English and Spanish. I have lived in the US for 25 years. Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a cop but god had other plans for my future. Growing up, I fell in love with art. From drawing my favorite cartoon characters to learning the art of pencil and photo realism in high school.

When I graduated, I attended Diablo Valley College to study psychology and criminal justice. I lost interest and ventured on a different route to really find myself. As I got older and started getting tattooed, i became very interested in the type of art style so I did my research and started my apprenticeship in Las Vegas at a local shop. With the passion for art in this new trade, i knew I could go a long way. In the 4 years of tattooing I have perfected a lot of styles and still learning something new every day. I’m very friendly and very outgoing, making friends everywhere I go and everyone I tattoo.