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Shauna Basil

Location: Las Vegas at LINQ Hotel and Casino
Profession: tattoo artist

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It all started with Jurassic Park. I never quit drawing dinosaurs from the moment I watched that movie…this moment slowly grew into an obsession of realizing I was able to create with my drawings. My hand. My imagination.
Some people call me Shauna others call me Murderface.
Just don’t call me a pet name.
I was born and raised here in Las Vegas.
One may say its given me an interesting flare…
I grew up anti social often submerging myself in art of all forms. I was major into video games, anime and comic books.


About 4 month out of high school, a tattoo machine was handed to me by a friend who loved my art.  I started tattooing him and others shortly after. By 19 I moved to Fullerton, CA where I entered my apprenticeship.
Ever since finishing my apprenticeship I worked in several different cities along the California Coast as well as shops in Austin, TX and other shops across the country.  I
The past 3 years I have spent on the road going from shop to shop. Due to all this traveling I feel I have a wide array of style influences. Also, being an oil and water color painter has helped with my tattooing and how I approach a design. I often expose myself to art  outside of my industry. I attend art Basel each year along with other art events, museums, and conventions. I am also a glass Dremel artist on the side. Basically, I like to stay busy. I like to create and I love being inspired.
Coming out of LA I am very familiar with black and grey tattoos. I enjoy color tattoos. I feel that I can execute any style that is present to me.