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Location: Mesa
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name’s Saraloni  (pronounced sarah-law-knee) I’m a 26 year old tattoo artist at Club Tattoo in Mesa Arizona. I’ve been tattooing since 2009 and have been an artist my whole life. I loved working with charcoal and pencils before I started tattooing and now all I want to do is tattoo. I occasionally paint with oils and am hoping to learn more oil painting techniques in the future. But when it comes to tattooing I am always learning something new, I’m constantly growing.
I’m mainly a self taught artist. But I’ve had a lot of great artists help me and give me great longstanding advice through the years like Jaime Keith, Gene Heideman, Nic Westfall, and Sirris Slay. These guys have helped me grow into the artist I am today. Some artists that really influence and inspire me are Nikko Hurtado, Benjamin Laukis, Josh Duffy, Teneile Napoli, man the list could go on! I truly hope that someday I will be on their level.
Over the last couple years I started using rotary machines, and I absolutely LOVE them. My favorite rotary  I have right now is the Spektra Halo, it’s truly an amazing machine. I’m a pretty well rounded artist as far as styles go. But my favorite thing to do is portraits! Color and black and grey. Especially well known faces, like movie or video game characters! I am DEFINITELY a nerd at heart! So anything from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, etc. is RIGHT up my alley! I’m also really into tattooing anything dark, creepy, and gorey. I really enjoy horror movies and love doing horror tattoos even more!
On my free time I’m usually watching movies, TV series, playing video games, or going to Orange Theory Fitness. I’ve really gotten into health and fitness over the last couple years, so my gym means a lot to me. I’m obsessed with cats! So if I’m ever in a bad mood a few good cat video’s will cheer me right up! I’m very close with my friends and family, we like to goof off and always have a good time. I believe everything happens for a reason, and every choice, every person I’ve come into contact with, every circumstance that’s been good and bad has brought me closer and closer to the person I am today.