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Rosaland Daniels

Location: Tempe
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name is Rosaland Daniels. I was born in Houston, but I grew up in Alabama. I’m brand new to Arizona and the West Coast as a whole. Once upon a time, you would have been hard pressed to not find me at the end of a grade school day covered in pen drawings up and down my arms – legs, too, if they were showing.
After high school, I started to pursue a degree in graphic art, but left after I finished my body piercing apprenticeship in 2004. For the next five or so years, I was a body piercer, and I still have a deep love for them. Eventually, my tattoo artist coworkers started to ask me why I wasn’t tattooing. I didn’t give it much thought until I realized how much I was helping with some of the tattoo designs being done at the shop.
The next few years, I asked questions, scrubbed tubes, and began trying to absorb all the knowledge from my coworkers as they would allow. At the end of 2009, I did my first tattoo on my best friend of Gir from Invader Zim at a friend’s shop before I started working there as a tattooer. Since then, I’ve done work at various locations up the East Coast as well as the Southeast.
My primary focus in terms of my tattoos is always the client. My style is pretty versatile,  just trying to get the brightest colors I can. I enjoy coverups and reworking tattoos; everyone is entitled to be happy with their tattoos. If it’s within my realm to help you be more happy with your tattoo, then I am always happy to help with that.