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Nic Mann

Location: Mesa
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Nic Mann, born and raised in San Diego,CA. Started his career at the end of 2007. Apprenticed under Stevie O’dell, he aquired the necessary skills to begin working on his own. Nic moved to Arizona in December 2010 and shortly after found himself working at Club Tattoo in Old Town Scottsdale.
From this opportunity he gained a better understanding of the industry, providing him with the tools necessary to travel the world and excel in the industry. He finally decided to open his own shop AZ ink.
Now the former owner, Nic is excted to get back into focusing solely on his art. He specializes in color but is also versatile. As an international award winning artist he has set the standard high. As Nic would say “if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!”