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Lucas Patterson

Location: Old Town Scottsdale
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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  • Specializing in black work and large scale Illustrative Tattooing Lucas also is experienced with Japanese, neo traditional and geometrical work. Professional and full of laughs, he takes his trade very seriously and has more than ten years experience tattooing. Lucas is originally from California, apprenticed in Washington, studied in Portland and spent 10 years of his childhood in AZ. Lucas has been a west coast artist from day one. After moving back to his town of origin Lucas finished High school early with college credits, enrolled in his first semester of college but then dropped out, sought out an apprenticeship and learned how to tattoo in Washington state at the age of 17. After four years of tattooing Lucas went back to College in Portland OR to study as a Fine Art major taking interest in and getting involved with the gallery scene locally. Years later Lucas moved back to the desert where he currently resides in Old Town Scottsdale  AZ.
  • Lucas primarily focuses on illustrative and blackwork tattooing.
    Blackwork, Japanese, Flowers, Geometrical, Neo-Traditional,
    Neotradition/Japanese/blackwork/mandalas/abstract/ are all styles Lucas really enjoys.