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Justin Van Bibber

Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Hello future clients and friends, my name is Justin Van Bibber. Originally from Gainesville, Florida; I was raised on a thoroughbred horse farm in nearby Ocala. Some of my first memories are of a loving father teaching me to draw – I still remember drawing my first circle as it became the propeller on a World War II fighter plane.
Talent must truly be passed won through the generations as my grandmother also helped me to become the artist I am today. At an early age I was fascinated with comic books. The bold graphics, the bright colors and designs all captured me and as I fell in love with the art I spent countless hours trying to recreate all my favorite heroes and villains.
By the time I had grown into adolescence I became known as that guy to go for art. Whether it was love letters for my friends and drawing portraits for fun my passion already had me on track for my inevitable occupation. High school classes were filled with art classes and working labor after I graduated gave me the perspective that art was something I wanted to do for a living.
The first time I came into contact with tattooing I was fixated. I apprenticed at Main Street Tattoo in Ocala and then was mentored by Rob Jerrett at Skin Deep Tattoo. I relocated to Las Vegas shortly thereafter in an effort to surround myself with the best talent.
I love all aspects of the tattoo business and enjoy the daily challenges. There is no project too big or small that I will not devote myself to and look forward to executing the best that I can. Thank you for your time ,