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Location: Old Town Scottsdale
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Justin, is a Wisconsin native, and father of two kids.  He is a self-taught tattoo artist, tattooing for 17 years. He opened the first tattoo shop in his hometown of Racine. Throughout his schooling, he has always excelled in art, in all its various forms and mediums.

    While using his talents to airbrush cars, motorcycles, and clothing after high school, he met a guy who taught him a few basics of tattooing, bartering that for an airbrushed leather coat. He hasn’t put down his tattoo machine since.
    Justin specializes in realism, but tries to take in all artistic styles; he imparts his unique gifts and perception to every tattoo he creates.
     That being said, “Tattoos are a representation of the customer’s desires, not mine.  I’m here to help create or expand their ideas and vision, and with that, to exceed all of my clients expectations.”