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Location: Las Vegas at LINQ Hotel and Casino
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name is Junior, I am a versatile Massachusettsian artist for way over half of my life. Starting with the oil painting medium I have learned that there are several different ways to approach a design. The amount of time and dedication that goes into an oil painting can easily give you a sense of relaxation.
I enjoy working with several other  different mediums in my spare time as well. Sketching and drawing almost all the time frees the mind my father used to say. That is a moto I’ve continued as well as learned to love.
Having  served a proper apprenticeship in the year 2000 in North Carolina under a few different artists, has inspired me to combine the different styles I’ve learned  together and creating a diverse Form of imagery that creates all new goals while stretching the limits for every design.
All boundaries are meant to be broken. Making a one of a kind piece of permanent body art for someone
 is one of the biggest accomplishments I have to offer; I believe.
Giving it 100% as I go onto over 14 years of tattooing i enjoy keeping a very well rounded artistic background. Everything I do I like to say I give it my all. I am very grateful for every opportunity I have had in my travels to land me here in Las Vegas. Every person I’ve ever met on my journeys have pushed me to strive and to do the best that I can. In so many ways I am thankful for everything I have learned in life and who I have learned it from.
Thanks for taking the time to look at my body of work.
I look forward to meeting you
Have a Great Day!