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Jose Carlos

Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Hi, my name is Jose Carlos. I’m a tattoo artist from Havana,  Cuba.  I have been tattooing since 2000. The story begins when a friend of a friend borrowed me his home made tattoo machine for a couple of weeks while he was out of town. So I started tattooing one of my friends. Quickly I got hooked up with this new expression of art, having people holding a piece of my passion on their skin was and it is something that makes you feel proud and grateful. By that time a friend was selling a beginner tattoo kit for 150 american dollars. Way too much money for me being a art teacher student.

My dad and my friend Heidy went with me to check it out, and for my surprise, my dad bought me that kit, Little by little I paid him back. Then I started tattooing for free to all my neighborhood. Lol; After 5 years of tattooing in my town, my family won a visa lottery to come to America. Then I started looking for some help to get into the industry and I got hired in a local tattoo shop, staying there for a year. After that I moved to other shop for other year. Some financial situation made me do other different regular jobs, but always staying tattooing.

In 2012 I got back full time tattooing starting in Diversity tattoos, moving later on to skin design tattoos and now being part of the Club Tattoo family. Always learning from everybody and staying humble.