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John Swartz

Location: Tempe
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name is John Swartz, I grew up in Duanesburg by. I started my art career in 2012, in 2016 I was hired to work for Club Tattoo in Scottsdale Arizona…Throughout my life I’ve wanted to be someone who could help others and change their lives, even in the simplest of ways…Before I started tattooing, I worked as a cashier at Dunkin donuts. After that I worked a few random jobs here and there before I worked for Marc Renson at Ambition Cafe, a very influential person who changed the way I view a lot of things in life..Both of these jobs were services…

And even though I interacted with each person for just a few moments…I tried to brighten their days the best way that I could..I took what I learned from those jobs and applied them to my apprenticeship..Jim Pardi who owns and tattoos at State Street Tattoo is who I have to thank for getting my foot in the door with tattooing…After my overall 2 year apprenticeship…I finally started tattooing in 2014.

The main goal for myself, and the reason behind waking up everyday is so that I can give everyone the best experience, and the chance to change and influence their lives in a positive way…Be it for 7 minutes, or 7 hours…
The only thing I can say is that I haven’t done my best…only my best so far..and I’ll try my best until the day I die.