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Joey Carbajal

Location: Tempe
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name is Joey Carbajal. I am a tattoo artist from Phoenix Arizona. I have always been interested in art since I was a little kid. I always knew that I wanted to be involved in art as a career, but I didn’t know in what type of field of art. At the age of 15 is when I became interested in tattooing. Growing up I had a friend that had a cousin who came over and did a tattoo on him. After seeing the whole process of doing a tattoo I was hooked. So then I got into tattooing learning the hard way on my own. I started tattooing a lot of my friends from the neighborhood. The word got around in school that I was tattooing, so then I started to tattooing a lot people from my high school. Every now and then I did tattoos at my dads house before he came home from work which he didn’t approve of, but I still did it anyways.

In 2004  I decided I wanted to tattoo full time as my career. I got my first start at a shop called Skin Scribe in North Phoenix. In the first year I learned so much from the other artists around me. It was a new shop and there was so much young talent. Tattooing and art is everything to me. I love what I do. I put 100% in every tattoo that I do. If it is a little heart on a wrist or a half sleeve I go the extra mile, and give my 110%. I like tattooing all type of styles, but I do a lot of realistic tattoos. I love doing black and gray and color tattoos. I enjoy doing both styles of art.

I have been working for Club Tattoo for since 2009. Every tattoo artist here at Club Tattoo has their own unique style. I have grown as an artist working here with a bunch of great talented artists around me. I’m always leaning something new and I’m doing what I love. Tattooing is my life.