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Gary Silva

Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Gary Silva grew up surfing and boogie boarding the beaches of Southern California and in the beginning of the 90’s at 17 years old he was taken in as an apprentice to learn how to tattoo by Art Viveros in Dave Orlowski’s  Norwalk tattoo then completed his apprenticeship at their Long Beach tattoo shop he is very proud of his tattoo history being Dave worked alongside of Bob Shaw Bert Grimm and Col. Todd whom taught Gary’s teacher and having Rick Walter and the
Pike around the corner.
I remember it was a different day back then we were just getting into MTV and punk rock and tattooing was still form of rebellion and it’s been awesome to see the change in tattooing you know the art level has gone through the roof Gary’s drives just to prove To his teacher and everyone that has helped him along the way and all the good tattooers he’s got to be around and all the information has been put to good work.
Gary has a wide range of tattooing Styles that he ejoys doing the most they are anything black and grey, american traditional, traditional japanese, and cover up tattooing as well. I have traveled doing tattoo conventions going to other states and countries to learn hone in his craft. It is all been a great experience being around some of the best tattooers in the world to where you can pick things up and keep progressing in your tattoo art. he also is the tattoo machine builder he has been making machines and tubes trying to help other tattooers work easier for the last 8 years
Aside from tattooing I love to be around my family and friends go fishing I’m a big fisherman from from the ocean 2 rivers and lakes shoot you give me a puddle with fish in it and I’ll fish it. Gary’s also gearhead he has his 1950 Chevy and his boats to which he does all his own wrench work if you don’t find me at home and probably in the garage. I would like to thank the Dowdells and Club Tattoo for bring me into their  family fold and hope this is the LAST shop i work in