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Chris Beck

Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Tattoo artist

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A little about me: I have been tattooing since 2000. I’m a military brat I was born in Bermuda yes like the triangle I’ve lived all over I started my tattoo apprenticeship 2 weeks after I graduated high school in Columbus Ohio after tattooing for almost 5 yrs in Ohio I moved to the desert in California then to San Diego after 5 yrs in Cali I lived in Texas for 6 months then to Florida where my dad moved after my mom died I was working in Pensacola Florida a military town then last year moved to Vegas.
I’m a huge horror fan so is my wife we got married on Halloween of 2015 our house looks like the Addams family lives there. I love tattooing anything creepy and that goes bump in the night also skulls are one of my favorite things to tattoo as well as flowers believe it or not lol.