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Brenna Mclaughlin

Location: Harley Davidson of Scottsdale
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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My name is Brenna Mclaughlin, I was born in Massachusetts, but I’ve moved around the United States ever since I was a small child. I’ve always had a deep interest in art and ever since I could hold a crayon I’ve been drawing and taking classes. A few years back I began going to college to pursue a degree in art in traditional media. While I was in school I picked up an interest in the art of tattooing and eventually was offered an opportunity to apprentice at a local shop in Denton, TX.

I believe there is always something new to learn about this industry and I find myself spending a lot of my time learning as much as I can from seminars, books and any media I can for both art and tattooing. I love the challenge of providing my clients with a piece of art they love, and that they are proud to wear by bringing their ideas to life. The artwork always comes first for me, and I continue to try and find time in my day to sit down and paint. While I enjoy a mix of styles, I primarily focus on more black and grey work as of late but color definitely has its moments.