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Bonnie Gilson

Location: Old Town Scottsdale
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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I’ve loved drawing ever since I can remember. I took up oil painting at around 14. However, I was taught that art was to be left as a hobby, not a serious undertaking. I continued to make art in my off time while perusing a career as an Tax Accountant and Office Manager.

When I was 18 I took a job helping in the office at Adorn Body Art in Portland Oregon. It was there that I learned that some people do in fact make a living with art, and that it is possible to make a career out of your passion. I spent the next several years with the help of many artists (most prominently my mentor Anne Morando and shop owner Desta Spence) learning how to do this.

I feel very privileged to be able to share this passion with my clients.