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Location: Las Vegas
Profession: Tattoo Artist

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Born in England and raised in Hong Kong, I got my first tattoo at the famous Ricky and Pinkys in Wanchai, Hong Kong. That was the beginning of my desire to tattoo. I first apprenticed in London for a year, then upon moving to the States I continued my apprenticeship in Illinois, starting to tattoo in 1995.
    I moved to Richmond, VA in 2002 to work at Capital Tattoo, ran by Billy Eason, founder of the Richmond Tattoo Show. This gave me the chance to go to conventions in Salt Lake City, Florida and Toronto. More recently I worked at Loose Screw Tattoo and Hold It Down in Richmond, working with great artists in both locations.
    Also occasionally painting in acrylics, I love to draw and tattoo custom pieces for customers, enjoying both black and grey and color.
      Moving to Las Vegas will be an exciting new location for me, with the chance to learn, grow and tattoo even more.