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Sasha Konkin

Location: Las Vegas at LINQ Hotel and Casino
Profession: Tattoo artist

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Hi my name is Sasha Konkin, I am originally from Russia, Riga , Latvia I moved to the states when I was 8 years old. I always was an artist since I was a little boy in Russia moving to the states I continued drawing and painting . I went to few art schools in California throughout my younger years I studied art at Cal arts institute and I studied for animation , life , realism , charcoal , conté and storyboard. I never finished school because school is very expensive I was working full-time on top of it all. 

I was offered an apprenticeship by one of the artists that was tattooing me he has seen my art work from Art school and thought that I could Tattoo so he called me and introduced me to one of his friends that had a shop in California he need some help around the shop so after I met his friend Joel he saw my work and hired me on the spot, now I have been tattooing full-time professional tattooing 17 years and never look back, I love what I do and I like to tattoo anything and everything I specialize in American traditional, Japanese traditional, new school tattoos, black and gray etc.

I do not do portraits I preferred to send them to an artist that I work with that specializes in portraits I only do animal portraits, I have been at numerous shops throughout my career and I have learned a lot from working with artists and I’m still learning and now I have joined a Club Tattoo family that I’m really grateful to be a part of and I’m looking forward to learning more from the artists that I will be working with.

You can find me at Club Tattoo at the LINQ hotel and casino in Las Vegas. So if you would like to come by and schedule an appointment please do thank you hope to see you there